Guide For Prospective Membership

A copy of this guide is available for download HERE

The President and Committee would like to take this opportunity to familiarise you with a little of the Club’s history and traditions and also give you some basic guidelines on how the Club lodges operate.
The Club was formed in 1964 by a band of dedicated enthusiasts, some of whom are still active members. The first Whakapapa lodge was built entirely by Club members and was a magnificent team effort. Unfortunately this lodge burnt down in 1987, but like the Phoenix it has risen again out of the ashes to be the most modern club on the Mountain. NSC has had a presence on the Turoa side of the Mountain from the commencement of the Turoa Ski field, first with an old house in Burns Road and now the Glacier Lodge in the Turoa Alpine- Village. We have two lodges which all Club members can be proud of.
It was decided very early on that the Club would operate as a family Club and that there would NOT be a list of hard and fast boarding-school type rules. People are expected to consider others and treat the Club lodges with the respect they deserve. In light of the above, the Committee would like you to regard the following notes as a guideline to traditional Club etiquette.


Booking Accommodation at the Lodges

Full booking rules are on the website, however some of the key points are:
  1. Each season your booking rights on the website will be enabled following payment of your annual subscription.
  2. The website booking engine will not accept a booking request unless your booking account has sufficient funds to cover the booking. Payment into your booking account may be made by direct debit to the clubs bank account, by credit card (via PayPal so a surcharge applies), or by cheque.
  3. Bookings are not confirmed until you have received Booking Confirmation from the booking officer.
  4. School holiday bookings have a maximum length of stay of 7 days. Bookings for a full week will be given priority.
  5. In general members have priority in making and confirming bookings.
  6. Booking dates cannot be transferred but you can cancel and re-book.
  7. There is strict enforcement by the Dept of Conservation to the maximum of 32 people at Whakapapa and so the Club is not permitted to double bunk small children or consenting adults.     
  8. Bookings are managed by the Booking Officer, who is extremely hard working and does a tremendous job for the Club. Please make their job easier by being pleasant, patient and understanding. Telephone calls are for enquiries only; the actual booking must be made via the website and email. Please also observe the times of telephoning the Booking Officer.

Staying at the Lodges

During most of the ski season the club employs a cook at each lodge to undertake the cooking of breakfast and dinners, the cost of which is included in the nightly tariff. The cook is responsible for cooking and general food management only – club members and guests are required to perform basic daily duties including cleaning, (and) food preparation and meal clean-up. These duties are to be completed, where appropriate, prior to going skiing or boarding for the day.


The duties are not onerous and a Lodge Officer is appointed to attend to the on-the-spot running of the lodge. They are a senior Club member and will write up of the duty roster. Each member or guest must complete their duties and it is your responsibility to ensure you carry out the duties allocated. 

We have wonderful facilities and we are proud of them. In the interests of comfort and co-operation, we would ask that you observe the following simple guide to etiquette.

Smoking is prohibited in the lodges and the perimeter surrounding the lodge remains a smoke free environment

If you intend to eat out for dinner or breakfast, please inform the Lodge Officer in plenty of time. There is no refund for meals that are not eaten at the Lodge.

It is permissible to invite a guest for dinner (or lunch on days the mountain is closed), but before doing so please check with the Lodge Officer & if OK, make the appropriate payment (currently $10.00). Please allow sufficient time for additional numbers to be catered for.

Lunch is only cooked by the cook if the ski field is closed. On other days the cook will put out leftovers & basic sandwich ingredients which members may use to prepare lunches to take up the mountain.

If you make tea or coffee please clean up afterwards.

Please keep your bunk and gear tidy. If you have children with you, ensure that they do the same. Items left on the floor may cause trip hazards as well as posing a risk if an emergency egress is required.

Please keep music to a moderate level, as your taste may not be appreciated by all.

The Lodge telephone usage should be kept to a minimum. Parents please remind your children of this. Lodge Officers are the only persons permitted to charge toll calls to the Club.

Arriving at the Lodges without having pre-booked and paid is totally unacceptable, but in exceptional circumstances the Lodge Officer may at their discretion accept a booking at the Lodge provided you, at your own expense, phone the Booking Officer to check if a vacancy exists. If approved, payment must be made at that time. Please note that this causes extra work for the Booking and Lodge Officers and may only be used in extreme circumstances.

Non-members must be accompanied by a member for the full duration of their stay, unless they are part of a group approved by the committee.

We do not accept bookings for the children of non-members who are under the age of five years.

The Club's lodges are facilities for all guests to enjoy. Guests, both young and old, of varying beliefs and values share ALL the lodge spaces. Please ensure your behaviour is appropriate. The Lodge Officer, Custodian and committee members have the right to request behaviour to be modified or stopped to ensure the comfort of all occupants.

Some examples of unacceptable behaviour are:

  • Inappropriate displays of a sexual nature

  • Arguing, especially of a domestic, racial, religious or intimidating nature

  • Public nudity (other than in shower cubicles or sauna) and clothing allowing inappropriate exposure anywhere in the lodge

  • Children running, jumping or play fighting other than in games rooms

  • Misuse and damaging of Club equipment

  • Drunkenness

  • Bringing the reputation of the Club, its members and guests into disrepute.

Lodge Officers will be most willing to answer any queries you may have. Please feel free to ask them anything you are not sure of. We want you to enjoy your stay 

Rates and fees

Please see the Rates and Fees
Note: Age classifications are applied as at Jan 1st.

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