Joining Ngauruhoe Ski Club

Ngauruhoe Ski Club is proud to have a high number of active members. The club is rich in history and has a warm and inclusive culture. Ngauruhoe Ski Club (NSC) is a great club to be a member of: 
  • Meet other like minded people keen on skiing and snowboarding.
  • Modern, comfortable lodges on both sides of the mountain.
  • Accommodation above the snowline at the Whakapapa Lodge, avoiding the need to travel each day to the ski field.
  • Drive to the door of the Ohakune Lodge and enjoy your own bedroom with private ensuites.
  • The opportunity to take part in Club and Interclub races.
  • Never ski alone again! Meet others in the Ski Club who you can ski with.
  • Children mix with children from other schools and widen their friendships and development.
  • Meet new and interesting people from New Zealand and overseas (in fact NSC has an active overseas membership base)


What being a member means:
As with all Clubs there are rules, but we try to keep these to a minimum.

Every Lodge resident takes part in the day to day running of the Lodge. A Lodge Officer is appointed to oversee this and you will be allocated a daily duty. Many a new friendship has been formed whilst washing dishes or peeling potatoes!

Clubs dont run themselves! Members elect a committee each year at the Annual General Meeting and the club is always looking for motivated members who feel they have can offer administration skills to keep the club running smoothly. By offering to go on the committee you will get a chance to put something back into your skiing community and the membership of NSC.

Please respect the Lodges and do not abuse the facilities - a lot of blood, sweat, tears and fun have gone into making these buildings the fantastic modern facilities we all enjoy today.

As Club members using a National Park, one of our responsibilities is to help maintain the pristine environment for future generations. This means taking all your rubbish off the mountain when it is time to finish your stay and leaving nothing but footprints (or ski tracks!)

How to Join

We would love to welcome more like minded skiers and boarders to join our club, and experience our wonderful facilities and great social life, as well as the joys of skiing with one of the leading clubs in the Southern Hemisphere. Joining is simple!

  • Complete this MEMBERSHIP FORM and POST or EMAIL back to our membership Co-ordinator at - Post details within form.
  • Ask 2 current senior members to nominate and second your application. (Please inform the membership secretary if you only know one senior member!)
  • You and your sponsor will be required to do a work party at one of the lodges within 2 summers of your application being accepted - this is to familiarise you with how the lodges operate and also contribute to maintaining the high standard of facilities that we all enjoy
  • On being accepted into membership, pay an entrance fee and an annual subscription
  • Enjoy your membership and we look forward to seeing you at Ruapehu!